Dear You, 

I know that it took a while for you to figure things out in your life. Yes, the different aspects of life confused you, I know. And that would continue to happen from time to time. So here I am writing something to keep you reminded of a few things in case that happens again.

You are a go-getter, you want to achieve and do a lot of things. And those are also the reason why you got confused. But now that you got it all figured out, the most difficult part comes: making all of it happen. The road won’t be easy and you may encounter disheartening moments and temptations, but trust me it will all be worth it.

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Today, while browsing through my news feed on facebook, I saw this new video of Colbie Callait entitled Try. Honestly speaking I was teary eyed while watching it and it actually made me think about a lot of things. 

Truth be told, a lot of us devours a lot of time, money and effort just to look beautiful. But the question is, do we do it for ourselves? or we do it for other people? 

We have to be reminded that we should want to be beautiful because we do not want other people to like us, but its about us, liking ourselves.

We should all love ourselves for who we are… and the people that loves the person that we are, with or without make-up, dressed up or not, skinny or not, are the people that truly loves us.

Have a good week ahead, beautiful people!<3

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C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y  .  .  . 

R E A D I N G / different entries from Elite Daily & Thought Catalog. I don’t know but whenever I open my browser I always take an hour or so to browse and read through their list entries and articles.

W R I T I N G / I haven’t been writing that much lately. And it’s such a shame because I really want to do so but my mind and body is not cooperating.

L I S T E N I N G / On my sunday playlist: Songs from American Authors, Adam Levine, John Legend, Ed Sheeran, Martin Solvieg and NoNo.

T H I N K I N G / about ways on how I could efficiently save up for the bigger things that I want and how to manage my time better and wisely. I am very well compensated but it seems that I really do live paycheck to paycheck and I don’t want that to continually happen. I also wanted to do a lot of things besides working through mondays to saturdays and date nights on saturdays. I also want to go to the gym, to learn new things, to read and so on. 

S M E L L I N G / can’t smell a thing because I have colds. :(

W I S H I N G / for better days, as always. Things have not been on track still and I know things could still be better, that’s why I’m hoping for better days. And I’m also hoping that I could get my shit together on becoming a more mature and reponsible version of myself. (You know, saving up, prioritizing important things and the-likes)

H O P I N G / to be much better at work and like what i’ve said before, to get my shit together. I can be better than I am right now.

W E A R I N G / a sando top and loose shirts. Hey, home is where you can look ugly and don’t feel bad about it. Hah! 

L O V I  N G / Tater’s Munchers and Saturday Date Nights with Jom :) 

W A N T I N G / a new phone and set of make-up please. But.. not as much as I want to have a get together with my college friends. It’s been so long since we hung out together. Signs of maturity: Being busy. I guess? Lol

N E E D I N G / to live a healthier lifestyle and to find an extra curricular activity that would keep me busy besides of work and date nights.

F E E L I N G / tired and confused because I still haven’t got the hang of managing my time and workload. 

A blessed and happy sunday to all of you, lovies! <3

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Finally gave in into trying new things that I can add in my beauty stash. And for the month of June I have decided to purchase and give Body Recipe, Holika Holika, L.A. Girl and Revlon’s new product a try.

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It has only been a month, but I already got the privilege of taking part of our companies’ annual corporate team building held at First Pacific Leadership Academy. At first, I was really hesistant to join the team building since I wasn’t really that close yet to my colleagues. But whatever, sometimes we really just have to suck it all in and let everything follow.


The event started at exactly 8am. All of the people (which are mostly girls) from our centers all over the country (except for Cebu) filled the indoor function hall. 


The inspirational talk was done by Sir Ardy Abello. I commend him for being so good at what he does and for making the talk a very fun and interesting one. He gave us a very good talk and he used good materials for the talk.


Before the activities began, he introduced to us our game marshalls. Yes, they are all men. So what happens when you have a room full of women then a bunch of men come in (and some of them are really good looking in person. lol) women screams and shout. Haha!

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